Tuesday, April 17, 2012

La Ville-Lumière

Remember when Paris was tugging on my wanderlust heartstrings? Simultaneously, as serendipity would have it, my friend Hanban from college was preparing to be relocated to the City of Lights for a three-month-long work project. Through a series of a several phone conversations and a ginormous string of emails, I'm very eager to announce that I'm going to Paris for a ten day excursion with my friend J, and Hanban has graciously agreed to host us!

My passport came in the mail two days prior to purchasing our plane tickets (insert sigh of relief here), and when we finally purchased the plane tickets, I was overcome with joy. It was the kind of joy that I hope to experience if I ever get engaged or something...I am excited to share more about the trip planning in posts to come, but we're still deciding on exactly what we want to do. I keep asking friends who have visited Paris in the past: 1) What did you love about it? 2) Is there anything you did/saw while you were there that you wouldn't do on a future trip? and 3) Did you have regrets about not doing/seeing something while you were there?

Honestly, I am most ecstatic about just being there. As a side note, I am weirdly excited about taking a bateaux tour of Paris. Like, I want to ride a boat on the Seine every day we're there, and I don't even like boats (but I had fun on my river tour of NYC a few years ago).

Image: by Kelly Anderson-Staley via Conde Nast Traveler

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D.W. said...

I’ve always heard that one should take an evening stroll down the side streets. Ones that are too small to fit a car. The older parts of the city where old timers sit on their stoop smoking a cigarette watching the shadows overtake the day. There are treasures to be found down those allies. But what do I know of this, nothing but what I’ve heard.

That is going to be an exciting adventure, I am glad you are going to get to experience Paris first hand.