Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Everybody Wants to Be a Cat

My mom's friend has said for years, "If you want to learn how to relax, watch a cat," and after my long visit to Lebanon, I wholeheartedly agree with her statement.  Lucky is getting so big!  She's getting the royal treatment down at Dad and Mom's house, a package deal, which includes milk with her cat food and being toted around the house by my dad twice a day.  When she wants your attention from outside on the front porch, she hits the screen over the window with her paw.  Smart cat, huh?  I loved being at home with my family over Thanksgiving.  Highlights included: spending Turkey Day with my mom's family (giant crock pot of mashed potatoes, yeah!); going antiquing and spending hours in Hobby Lobby with my cousin Cort;  watching Casablanca for the first time; making white chocolate dipped pretzels and covering them in milk chocolate toffee bits and crushed up gingersnap cookies with Mom; and plain relaxing around the house. 

Bran, Dad and Lucky

December is looming over us, friends, and I'm trying to stay on schedule with my gift-making.  I do love the interim between Thanksgiving and Christmas, though.  For me, it's a time of reflection, and I am always astounded by how much God blesses me, even when I don't deserve it.  On Sunday, Jeff at LCF talked about kindness and how it is a huge part of Christ's nature.  One of the things he said was, "It is more important to be kind than it is to be right" (see John 8).  That statement really convicted me, and I'd like to strive to show more kindness toward people.  What a thing to be thankful for, the love and kindness of God.

DIY TimePieces of Heaven Homemade Marshmallows.  I will be making these, stat.  I can't wait to try them; I've been coveting this recipe for months now, so bring on hot chocolate weather!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


My friend Niknak and her fiance had their engagement photo shoot last Friday, and the pictures are now up.  I'm soooo impressed with their photographer.  I can't stop scrolling up and down their photographer's website; she does beautiful work, and I want everyone to see Niknak, Al, Charlie and Roxie.  Plus, if their post gets 100 comments, then they get a free print; so head on over and comment on the lovely autumnal photos of them posing in Richmond's Fan.

I get to go Lebanon tonight, yippeeeee!  It will be a wonderful week.  I plan on prepping some sewing + knitting projects, lapping up family time and doing a very minute amount of shopping with my cousin Cort on Friday.  And by shopping, I mean hitting up Hobby Lobby (the best craft store of all time) and antiques in Kingsport.

I have been feeling super culinarily uninspired lately; I even participated in one of those recipe email exchanges that I've always snarked at, but I haven't made anything from the recipes I received from that endeavor.  As it turns out, I did not receive the 400 recipes that the email leads you to believe you will receive, but I did get quite a handful.  I feel like a blob in my kitchen, eating chips, salsa, ice cream and deli sandwiches (in that order).  Bring on Thanksgiving!

DIY Time:  Yarn Wreath. You mustn't know how to knit to craft this beauty.  Niknak directed me to this link, and you can check out her yarn wreath; it's lovely in person.  I made a Christmas-themed one when I visited her this past Saturday, but I'd like to make one for every season. 

Friday, November 12, 2010

Money, Money, Money

Last night I had a little change-rolling party and watched Legends of the Fall

Today, I have $35.50 to show for it.  Get your change out, people, that's unaccounted for money that you could be saving, giving, spending, etc!  I know people that actually think they will have bad luck by snatching a penny tail-side-up.  

My mom always picks up stray pennies.  The way she sees it is, it's one more penny that she didn't have, and pennies add up to dollars and so on.  I probably sound like a first grade teacher.

DIY TimeBath Fizzies!  I haven't tried this out, but I've always wanted to make my own!  Great gift idea...someone in the reviews suggested using cookie cutters instead of the ice cube trays.  If anyone tries this out, let me know!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Happy Election Day, everybody.  I hope everyone is celebrating by voting at the polls.  I'm planning on casting my vote after work this evening.

When we celebrated my mom's birthday, I made two party garlands.  I made this one from French General's Home Sewn book:

The second one I made was from a blog called Thimbly Things.  I made a cupcake liner garland out of leftover miniature Christmas cupcake liners (white with red polka dots) and mustard-colored yarn.  Wouldn't a Christmas-themed garland be super cute?  I have some leftover snowmen liners from last year that I might hang with some red butcher's twine...Is it sad that I'm already wanting to decorate for Christmas?

DIY TimeCupcake Liner Garland  The fun thing about this project is that you probably have the materials just laying around the house! 

Monday, November 1, 2010

November Has Come

Ya'll.  Is anyone else freaking out that it's November?  Time flies when you're having fun, huh?  This past weekend, I successfully dodged dressing up for Halloween.  I have never liked Halloween, other than eating copious amounts of candy (although my least favorite candy that regularly graced my treat bucket were those solid black and orange wrapped peanut buttery chewy candies), so I was happy to do that and admire the little people lurking with ravenous sweet teeth as well.

I got to go with Niknak and watch her pick out the dress for her wedding.  One word:  glowing. 

I went to Carter Mountain Orchard and picked up some yummilicious Fuji and Gala apples for munching this week.

H. and I went for a drive out in Monticello country and up to the Barboursville ruins to take another bite out of history up here in Central Virginia.  Mr. Barbour was a governor of Virginia back in the day, and Thomas Jefferson designed his mansion (complete with the octagonal room).  I got really sad when we read that the mansion burned down on Christmas day in 1884.  What a terrible day to have your house burn down (not that other days are better, but you get what I mean).

Saturday, H. and I went over to Poochie and her hubby M.'s house to play The Game of Life, and it was awesome.  A little tidbit about the game, though:  to win The Game of Life, you only have to have the most money.  Something in me cringed when I read the rule; this is what we're teaching our children.

And then yesterday I was a substitute player on H.'s kickball team, which was super fun.  I'm thinking about joining a kickball league here now...

When November hits, I start planning my Christmas gift-making shenanigans.  My goal for Christmas 2010 is to give everyone on my list something handmade.  I like to make most of the magic happen in November to avoid stress in December.  Christmastime is wonderful, and I love going to Christmas parties (and getting to wear sequins) and gallivanting around the mall listening to Jingle Bells and taking in all the decorations (even if I don't buy anything).  At the end of every post until Christmas, I hope to put a link to a DIY project that I have either tried or have in my bank of diy projects that I would like to try.  See the first DIY Time below!

DIY Time6-Pocket Bag:  This cute bag is a cinch to sew; it took me only a couple of hours!  I made this for my mom; she totes her lunch in it to work.  Happy November!