Tuesday, November 23, 2010


My friend Niknak and her fiance had their engagement photo shoot last Friday, and the pictures are now up.  I'm soooo impressed with their photographer.  I can't stop scrolling up and down their photographer's website; she does beautiful work, and I want everyone to see Niknak, Al, Charlie and Roxie.  Plus, if their post gets 100 comments, then they get a free print; so head on over and comment on the lovely autumnal photos of them posing in Richmond's Fan.

I get to go Lebanon tonight, yippeeeee!  It will be a wonderful week.  I plan on prepping some sewing + knitting projects, lapping up family time and doing a very minute amount of shopping with my cousin Cort on Friday.  And by shopping, I mean hitting up Hobby Lobby (the best craft store of all time) and antiques in Kingsport.

I have been feeling super culinarily uninspired lately; I even participated in one of those recipe email exchanges that I've always snarked at, but I haven't made anything from the recipes I received from that endeavor.  As it turns out, I did not receive the 400 recipes that the email leads you to believe you will receive, but I did get quite a handful.  I feel like a blob in my kitchen, eating chips, salsa, ice cream and deli sandwiches (in that order).  Bring on Thanksgiving!

DIY Time:  Yarn Wreath. You mustn't know how to knit to craft this beauty.  Niknak directed me to this link, and you can check out her yarn wreath; it's lovely in person.  I made a Christmas-themed one when I visited her this past Saturday, but I'd like to make one for every season. 

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Thanks for the help, lady! We're getting close to 100!