Thursday, December 10, 2009

We Are Family

This post is a change of pace for me. Don't think I'm getting lazy about blogging, but among the Christmas gift making, Christmas gift wrapping and Christmas party attending (No, actually, I think shopping would be a more appropriate label for this...) among my normal endeavors in the Real World, I have been quite busy (and my apartment looks like Katrina hit it). I was sitting in my office today and ran across a website thanks to my friend J.; it's so awesome that I wanted to share it with all four of my readers. I hope it brings tears to your eyes like it did mine. Here it is...

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

"Down On Penny's Farm"

Since I decided to take a hiatus from this blog, I have decided to document my whereabouts in segments. Last week while I was home for Thanksgiving, I headed down to Dad's and my brother Bran's farm to check out the new happenings. Here is what it looks like when you first drive in:
I said I went down to Dad and Bran's farm, but really, I should call it Penny's farm. Penny is my dad's Red Heeler, whose nicknames include "Pinks," and more commonly, "Pinky." I called her Penny Lane when she was a puppy, but it didn't really stick, but Penny is a good name for her; I'm sure you can guess why in the below photo. She's the queen bee around there.
This is Pinky. She's so sweet.
Here's the corn silage that they grew earlier this year and feed to the cattle along with some farm equipment I can't name:
This new cattle trailer is the new project at the farm. The boys have been cleaning it out (I can't imagine the stench) and getting it ready for hauling:
Here's a picture of Pinky doing what she does best, rounding up cattle for Dad. Those are the two calves that Peanut is raising, and she brought them right into their pin in the barn, not far from where I was standing when I took this picture.
And last but not least, there were some wild cats that hang out in the barn (along with a couple of Great Pyrenees: Butch and Patch). One of them is pretty tame, though; I was painting a gate this past summer and she was a little too friendly with me and the gate. She rubbed black paint all over herself (and me). There's probably still cat hair stuck to the gate. When I asked Bran what her name was, he said he just calls her "Cat." And it's proven, she responds to Cat. I love it.