Monday, April 9, 2012

How does everyone have a friend named Kat except me?

Yesterday Miss Smart and I drove back to Charlottesville from Lebanon, and amid the hilarity of the countless, random conversations we had in four hours, she started in on a tale that went kind of like this, "Oh oh, and when I was in Austin [blah blah blah], my friend Kat and I [blah blah blah]..." Stop right there. What is the deal with everyone having a friend named Kat? I know several friends who have a friend named Kat, and Kat is usually the coolest person they've ever met. Kat goes to yoga with her. Kat wears the coolest clothes and the coolest shoes on planet earth. As far as Miss Smart's Kat, I have no idea what's actually cool about her because I derailed her story to throw a pity party about the lack of a Kat in my life. I'm out of the loop; so it's official, I'm in hot pursuit of a BFF named Kat (and she can't be small and furry and purr like a Honda engine because I'm allergic).


Kath said...

I'll be your friend, but my name has an H on the end :)

Sarah @ The Smart Kitchen said...

I'm on it.

Should I change my name?

R. said...

@ Kath: YES! Can I call you Kat for kicks sometimes?

@Sarah: See above. I didn't know how easy it would be to score a friend named Kat[h]!

KG said...

You may not have a "Kat" friend, but you do have a "Sam" or two. How
cool is that?