Monday, February 20, 2012

Operation Sew-Myself-a-Shirt-Dress Has Commenced...

When I found out that the creator of Oliver + S patterns had collaborated with Simplicity to create some patterns for women's apparel, I was ecstatic. Although I've never sewn any Oliver + S patterns, I love the design, and they make my baby fever spike every time I look at them, no big deal. Enter Lisette's Traveler Dresses pattern by Simplicity:

It's no secret that I love dress shirts, so what could be more appealing to me than making my own shirt dress! I started cutting out the pattern pieces for version C of the Traveler Dress yesterday, also known as our first snowy day in Charlottesville this winter. I took a break to bake some cupcakes because snowy weather always makes me want to build a cake (anybody else love Napoleon?). 

Back to the dress, though. I got some great green Italian cotton fabric at B & J Fabrics in New York back in September, and my original intent was to use it for version A (the blue dress pictured above); however, I have decided to try the fuller skirt version (the white bodice with floral skirt version pictured above) because it'll be more flattering for my figure. I intend to make it in one color rather than the contrasting fabrics shown above. I love the small details in finished garments, so I'm looking for some killer buttons and want to use a contrasting fabric for the inside of the button placket to give it a little R. flair. Big plans, folks, big plans. Also, let me state one of my fears: the collar. I've never made one, but I am intimidated. Another fear: sleeves. I do not consider myself to be a proficient sleeve-sewer, so I'm hoping to use this pattern to overcome this deficiency.

For the Traveler Dress, I am making a muslin. I have made garments from Simplicity patterns within the last few months and was disappointed with the fit. Before, I just went by the size that corresponded with my measurements, but in my experience, Simplicity patterns add too much ease for the finished garments (and to me, it makes the garment look frumpy, which is the opposite of my goal). I know many experienced seamstresses recommend making a muslin prior to snipping your precious fabric, but I guess I had to learn the hard way. For the muslin, I am going down two sizes from what the size chart says I should use, so I will update on my progress. It may take a little longer, but hopefully I'll wear the finished product very happily.

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