Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Can we talk about my favorite dog ever...again?

I took my roommate down to the homestead this past weekend, and we visited the farm for a few hours on Saturday. My dad dressed her up in all kinds of farm garb (read: Carhart-esque coveralls) so she could ride in the tractor and all that jazz. It was nice and rainy, so coveralls were very appropriate.

Do y'all remember Butch? Well, we got to see him too! It's no secret that he's my favorite dog on planet earth. I was trying to get some snapshots of him tending the flock, but he loves me so much that he couldn't stand being three inches apart from me! Can we talk about the deliciousness? Best dog of all time. I'm still trying to figure out a way to sneak him into my car and head up to Charlottesville without anyone in my family noticing. This dog makes me melt, people. 

 Here he is hanging out with his flock of mommies-to-be:

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Miss Smart said...

I would like to meet that dog. Specifically, I would like that snout sniffing me.

The end.