Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Voice of Cheese

I read a very informative post about creating the perfect cheese plate over at a A Cup of Jo and thought I would let all other cheese lovers know.  I kind of feel dumb for wrapping cheese in saran wrap now...

H. has a birthday coming up, so I may have to integrate the cheese plate guide into my party planning sessions.  I love making party food.  As far as party planning goes, all I know is that we are making a bunch of pork barbecue in a crock pot (fix it and forget it, yeah!), so I'm looking for other barbecue-worthy "sides" to make with it besides coleslaw, which I may make anyway.  Right now I'm trying to think of a cool way to turn mac and cheese into a finger food.  The pub I worked at in college used to serve baskets of deep fried mac and cheese wedges with a big cup of ranch dressing, and let me tell you, they were rock-your-socks-off delicious.  I'm not much on deep-frying at home, it's just not my style; plus, it makes my skin really greasy.  What if I handcrafted bite-sized mac and cheese balls and breaded, and browned them on the stove?...Sounds like too much work and my concern is that this method would dry them out.  Well, all ideas are welcome; I'm sure I'll come up with something with the help of any readers out there.

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Anonymous said...

mmm, cheeeeeeese.

i'm at a loss for ideas on the finger food mac and cheese - but if anyone can come up with it, it's you!! good luck. :)