Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Fever

Happy Spring everybody!  This weekend has been very nice and best of all, totally unplanned.  I consider myself to be one who enjoys making plans, but when it comes to weekends when I'm not skipping town, I hate waking up on a Saturday morning knowing that I have to be somewhere or do something scheduled.  I'm weird like that.

Yesterday H. and I walked from the Downtown Mall in Charlottesville up to the Corner (UVA area) and took a break on the balcony of Michael's Bistro & Taphouse for a few hours (our noses even got a little sun-kissed!).  It was a great afternoon.

Random fact that I learned in Mrs. Fletcher's Foods and Nutrition class from high school:  on the spring equinox, you can prop an egg up on a flat surface and it will stand on its own!  However, I read that "science" calls this an urban myth, but I tried it today and it worked.  If you're reading this before tonight's over, try it, seriously (according to science, it would probably work tomorrow, too, but you know, just for tradition's sake...).  

Today I started my second apparel project.  A shirt.  I'm making a white shirt (100% woven cotton Swiss Dot) for spring and summer, but all I've accomplished thus far is cutting out the pattern; I think that is the most tedious part of sewing clothes.  

My friend J. was telling me about an avocado shake, and she assures me that while it sounds strange, it tastes delicious.  Take an avocado and blend it up with a couple teaspoons of sugar and add about 1-2 cups of milk, depending on the thickness you prefer.  Now I call that a healthy milkshake!  I will report back once I try it.  If it tastes too healthy or like the smell of a Whole Foods store, I probably won't like it.  Has anyone else made these before?

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