Sunday, March 13, 2011

French Navy

When the thermostat hit 75 degrees today, I checked "great weekend" off of my list.  My friend K. came to town yesterday and we got to hang; we still call each other roommates, even though we only lived together from 2005-06 and 2007-08 in college.  It was awesome to see her, and we got to celebrate her birthday a little early. 

Today, I had my first of two fashion drawing and draping sewing classes.  It was soo much fun.  Fashion drawing is not as intimidating as I thought it would be; I enjoyed it!  I mean, seriously, drawing is not my strength, but I thought it was very fun!  Also, I got to use a dress form for the first time today, and I am kind of hooked.  I want to design some pretty tops for work this spring and summer.  So I got started on the sleeve of an idea, but I ran out of's a little more complex than I had in mind, but I had so much fun making pleats that I couldn't stop myself!

After class I headed to H.'s house, we went for a nice stroll down Park Street, and then he baked some French bread he started yesterday (from a book I gave him for Christmas)!  It was beautiful and totally delicious!  Since a baguette won't fit in a normal-sized oven, he had to make torpedoes, aka batards, aka miniature French bread loaves.  Home-baked French bread, it doesn't get any better than that, folks. 

What else...hooray for daylight savings time!  At first, it's always difficult for me to spring forward and lose an hour, but I love getting home from work and being able to be outside in sunlight rather than darkness, amen?  Sunlight makes me feel like I can be more productive. 

I haven't been knitting much these days, but I want to knit a pretty cotton scarf to keep my neck cozy during transition weather.  Have a great upcoming week!

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Betsy said...

hello new blog! typing w one hand here. have a vm fr u i havent checked yet. love that shirt in the making! and i can taste that bread fr here...