Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Orange Crush

I was innocently walking around TJ Maxx the other day, when a red mechanical citrus juicer jumped off of the shelf and into my hand; it was the strangest thing...Seriously though, I have to restrain myself from going in stores like Marshall's and TJ Maxx because they have all the fun-colored kitchen chotchkies everywhere.  And who doesn't need a lime-green colored tongs that tenderize meat as well (I don't know if such a thing exists, but it would be pretty cool, huh?)?  Anyway, I bought a juicer.  And I decided to make a mimosa.  Now I'd like to order a huge whole crate of juicing oranges from Florida because I am loving the fresh-squeezed orange juice.

A few years ago I visited some friends in New York City, and one of my favorite memories from the trip was drinking fresh squeezed O.J. from a Belgian breakfast joint in the Lower East Village.  The things we remember and why we remember them never ceases to amaze me.  Anyways, back to the O.J.  So good.  It makes me never want to buy orange juice from the store.  And the lever is so fun to operate; it makes me feel like I work at a 50's diner.  And I'm going to make hint-of-orange sweet tea-basically, you add a dab of orange juice and an orange wedge to a glass of ice and pour iced tea over it.  It blows my mind every time; the stuff is what killed Elvis! 

Knitting update.  Last night I started my first knitting class at The Needle Lady, which is conveniently located about three blocks from my office!  The owner Mimi taught the class and was a wonderful teacher, a very patient teacher, which I obviously needed.  Everybody in the class knew how to knit in some form or fashion, except for me.  I love to learn new things, but for about 20 minutes, I was seriously wondering if I could back out of the class; how could I take a 4-week class if I couldn't even knit?  Then, something in me just kind of "got it," it was a light bulb moment for me, and I began knitting away.  That's when Mimi got me started on my first knitting project:  I am making a scarf for myself.  One of my bosses saw my little 1.5 inch strip of knitted wool/nylon/cashmere and said that he thought it looked like a perfectly nice bookmark. Hopefully my creation will resemble a scarf the next time he sees it.  I'm going to be a knitting fool before you know it! 

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