Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Your Every Color

I am making a rag quilt (here is an example of one).  I went to Cottonwood during their big July 4 sale and got some of my favorite fabric ever:  Rural Jardin by French General.  Isn't it wonderful when you can hold out for a sale?  The collection has fantabulous blues, reds, creams and linens, with pops here and there of dandelion, peacock and pomegranate shades.  I have 2 squares each of 42 different prints, and in between each set of two identical fabrics will be a piece of cotton flannel for warmth.  What's cool about rag quilts is that you quilt each square as you go and then attach all the quilted squares to one another, and voila, a quilt is born!  The jury's out among the serious quilters regarding the legitimacy of rag quilts and calling them "quilts," but I don't really mind; a co-worker of mine made one for everybody at the office last year at Christmas and I love mine.  It's so cozy!

Progress report:  All the fabric is cut.  I need to lay out my design, then I need to piece together all 3 layers of each square and quilt them, which is the fun part.....I think.  I hope. 

Also, I'm pretty much obsessed with this image that I came across initially on Color Collective.  A lot of people suppose that kiddos are always drawn to the brightest, funkiest, craziest of colors, but I've found that quite the opposite is happening to me as I get older.  It's these combos that are always drawing my eye.  I'm baffled by color every day.

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