Saturday, June 26, 2010


Last weekend I was in Lebanon visiting my famdamily.  Highlights included my mom's participation in a Russell County Community Yard Sale, her most profitable yard sale to date, and I also met the newest addition to the family:  Lucky.  My mom wrote a little story about Lucky, so I suppose she is my guest blogger today.  Read it below:

Lucky came into my life unexpectedly. After returning home from a trip to C-ville on Sunday, May 30, I retired for the evening. Very early Monday morning I was awakened by an animal sound outside. I first thought the sounds were made by a bird; then, I realized that I was hearing the cries of a kitten. I sprang from my bed and headed to the end of the deck where I spied a very small yellow kitten. Startled as it was, it quickly fled to safety under the deck out of my reach. I began to supply cat food immediately and went about my daily routine.

After going to bed, I was kept awake practically all night long by a motherless kitten’s cry. After arising to check on food supplies at approximately 4 AM, I began to hear what I thought was the bark of a fox outside my window. I went to the window to verify my suspicions, and there he was, just waiting to snatch the orphaned kitten.  I shooed the fox away but expected he might later return for his prey. So I began to pray.

For two days, I never saw or heard the kitten again. My heart sank at the thought of what had happened, but I continued to provide cat food thinking my dog Gracie was probably enjoying such a delicacy.

On Thursday afternoon, my husband F. suddenly exclaimed, “You won’t believe what I just saw!” You guessed it, that same little yellow kitten. Yes, “Lucky” had survived hunger, predators, rain, and loneliness. Lucky now resides on my front porch under the red geranium, but I have yet to catch him!

Here is the adorable Lucky, staring with envy into the kitchen at Mom and Dad's.  You'll have to excuse the poor quality of the photos, as I could only get pictures of him from inside.  He runs away if you get too close to the window...

Lucky plays on porch furniture.

Lucky boasts a pensive posture over Green Valley.

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Anonymous said...

Luckyyyyy! He is so great. :)

Thanks for coming last night -- call me today, we'll get lunch!