Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sugar, Sugar

I got an email from my mom yesterday, and in that email were a handful of photos taken in late spring/early summer 2008 (the only reason I know that is because of my hair length and the tee shirt I was wearing in the photos). I was getting ready to go work in Boulder, CO for the summer and was just hanging out in Lebanon for a few weeks prior to my departure.
My mom taught me how to cook, and some of my favorite memories of all time involve baking yummilicious treats with her. I always wanted to pretend that we were a televised cooking show, so I was "Martha," and Mom was "Julia." We carried on like we were giving the audience instructions and addressed each other by our given names, etc., and it was wonderful. During my first year of college, Mom and Dad gave me an iPod for Christmas; it was the type of gift that makes you wonder what on earth you were doing before it was in your possession. I took that iPod (and still do, four and a half years later) everywhere, and Mom and I would play music on it while cooking and hanging out in the kitchen. On one such occasion, my Uncle Harv (notorious for his awesome sense of humor and Elvis impersonations) spontaneously waltzed through the door and into the kitchen when a certain Archies song was playing on the iPod. You guessed it, "Sugar, Sugar." Immediately, he grabbed a spatula and started a kitchen karaoke party; moments after, Uncle Harv, my mom and I were all harmonizing. The below photos document what followed. I don't know how my dad grabbed the camera so quickly, but I am so glad he captured this.  I'll let these photos speak for themselves today.  I'm always amazed by the memories that accompany pictures.