Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Summerlong Part Two

So, as promised, I'm posting the video interviews with Chazz and D. Pet from the football game on Saturday against TCU. Here's what they think about being alumni, our terrible football coach Al Groh and medical school (please don't judge my amateur video editing):
D. Pet: Thoughts on Football and Alumni Status David was saying things to K. like, "Doesn't Michigan run this offense too? I think it works for them...," so I took his word for it and considered his football knowledge to be vast. Safe to say that when he says it's time for Groh to Go, I concur.
Chazz: Thoughts on Medical School
My favorite conversation during the game occurred while I was eating my hot dog. I was telling Chazz that I had thought about him when I saw the Rockies play at the Coors Field in Denver last year because I saw an ad for Hebrew International-- they make kosher hot dogs (My question is, how can any hot dog be kosher? The mystery remains...). As you might have guessed, Chazz is Jewish; when I told him this, his response was, "There are so many Jews in Denver." Chazz knows everything!

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