Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I took this picture outside of World Market this past weekend; it was such an inspiring tree. I am really into green and yellow together right now; I think there's something very striking about the combination. I'm really bad with tree names, and I wish that I knew how to identify all of them by their leaves (besides maples and oaks), but don't know what the official name for this little tike is, but I think it's quite lovely. When I think of the personification of trees (not that this is a normality for me or anything), it's slightly comical to me that I always want to give them female names. I guess I was just highly influenced by The Giving Tree and the mother willow in Disney's Pochahontas....Anyways, if I were to name this tree, her name would be Lola.

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D.W. said...

If they are heart shaped leaves then it is probably an Eastern Redbud. The leaves of that tree turn lemon yellow like that in the fall. Virginia loves it's Redbuds, so that is my guess.