Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Are You Ready for Some Football?

Usually when asked this question, I sound out an emphatic "No!" However, this past weekend, I was definitely ready for some UVA football. If you're wondering why, it had nothing to do with the football team itself, but it was homecoming and some of my favorite people from college came to stay with me! Since I live in Charlottesville, I don't venture over to UVA that often because it feels like a totally different place without all the friends that made college so great. Here's an impromptu self-photo shoot that D., K. and I took at the game. I am still pretty shocked that we beat Georgia Tech, but it was a great first and last football game for me this season at UVA. 

We bumped into so many old friends, sang the Good Ole Song (which is the only reason I went to the game), revisited great places on the Corner (We totally rocked out at 80's night...), and got very little sleep this weekend. Would it be totally sentimental if I said I'm missing college right now?

Oh oh, PS, I made that shirt. It's Sencha by Colette Patterns! It's my favorite shirt I've made...

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