Tuesday, June 14, 2011

At Last

...Niknak got married on Saturday!  I can't say enough wonderful things about the wedding; Niknak and Al rocked, the people rocked, the event rocked, the food rocked, and the list goes on and on.  You can see a sneak preview of one of her wedding photos here by Katelyn James, who is an awesome photographer and such a sweet person.

What else is new...

I have officially moved!  Did I tell you about my awesome new cottage?  I can't remember.  It was built as a bed and breakfast in the 1930's, it has a working fire place in every room except the two bathrooms (aka, a mantle to decorate in every room), it has hardwood floors, and it has laundry machines (Thank You, Jesus.)!  It's in a really cute neighborhood in Charlottesville and I'm excited to share some pictures, as I'm sure most of you think I've completely quit snapping photos these days.  Oh, and all the walls are white, which I think is nothing short of classic in an old house.  My new roomie A. and I are in the process of moving stuff in, and I have some cleaning to do at my old apartment, but I'm just so happy my big move is out of the way.  It's kind of hard to have a big move when you're just going a few miles down the road, versus across the country, because you get in this mindset with all the little things:  Well, I'll just leave that here for now and take it over to the new place.  And then you end up driving back and forth until you get nauseated.  Anyone with me on this one?

Oh, and I made Julia Child's French onion soup recently.  It was so delicious I couldn't believe I made it.  Seriously, make it, it's one of the cheapest meals you can fix.  It got me out of my cooking strike, even though I've been wanting to go to Chipotle every night for dinner. 

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D.W. said...

Agreed, short moves are big moves just stretched out. Add that to the fact list.