Monday, January 18, 2010

If You Can Afford Me

Every year in January, my mom implements a little concept she likes to call "The No-Spend Zone," which basically means that you can't buy anything in January. It's such a great idea because I love to shop, but I don't need a thing in the world. So it's a good exercise in self-control and discipline. With that being said, I'd like to admit that in my downtime on the Internet, I like to buzz around to my favorite sites, most of which are all retail stores, (besides all my fav. blogs listed on the left) such as Anthro, Piperlime, Sundance, Martha Stewart, etc. The weather here was absolutely great this past weekend, and the first day that it's warmer than 40 degrees outside in the winter, Spring Fever slaps me right across the face and I automatically want to buy something bright and kitschy for the kitchen or some cute shoes. Someone please relate to this so I won't feel weak in character. I fall prey to so many marketing strategies, it's not even funny; at least I can own to it. Anyways, I was frolicking around on the Internet the other day and spotted these gorgeous pitches from Sundance...
...except it costs a whopping $90.00 for one of these beauties (There is a happy ending to this product love, I promise.).
But I randomly went on a Target run with JavaLady last week and spotted this cutesy little pitcher, which is the exact same color as the one from Sundance (the picture doesn't do it justice), and I fell in love with it. Happy Ending: $10.00 for this baby. I can't wait to make some lemonade or sangria to serve in it!
So even though I broke the laws of the No Spend Zone this January 2010, I think Mom would be proud of my find.


bekah said...

i completely relate. i too, buy things more because they are packaged to suit me rather than a real life necessity. but... since i've had kids, had to cut way back- that's what moms do, i guess. and just fyi- i totally stopped to read this blog at 9:30 pm because i could NOT resist that photo of the sundance pitchers. wow. lovin' me some target too. here's to happy endings :]

TR said...

Umm, of course I relate, Rach. I'm totally a shopaholic. I was at Lisa's beauty Salon in Lebanon the other day, getting Merritt to do my hair, and I confessed my problem to her, and it felt good. So congrats on standing up for all of us out here. It's a hard life, but hey, we're saving the world - one pair of stilettos at a time ; )