Monday, January 4, 2010

Don't Stop Believin'

I haven't blogged in so long that I really don't know where to begin....with Christmas, I suppose. I went home the weekend before Christmas and was intending to go back to work for a couple of days prior to Christmas but was unable to do so because of the 30 inches of snow that got dumped onto Charlottesvegas that weekend. While Leb didn't exactly get 30 inches, I couldn't get Black Jack (my car) off of the driveway either, so I was snowed in! Whoohoo! It was the perfect easement out of college and into the real world; I mean, in college, you get a whole month off. Instead I got 2 weeks off from work, (the week of Christmas because of the snow, and the office is always closed between Christmas and the New Year)!
While at home, I went to only one of the karaoke nights in Lebanon on this trip; if one so chooses, he or she can gallavant around Lebanon on 4 different nights to give a one or 15-song concert. I think karaoke can be really fun, though. I sang my classic "Don't Stop Believin'" at The Old Mill one evening; it's the karaoke song that I sing every time I do karaoke. The problem with karaoke is that I actually have to feel like I'm giving a concert while singing it, and if I think the song is lame or not rockin' enough, well, my performance reflects those sentiments. On to other things, though... I went to various Christmas parties with family and friends, played lots and loads of games, which I loved dearly but between all the Monopoly, Catch Phrase (I may actually be confusing these games with Thanksgiving's festivities), Christmas Vacation Trivia and Wheel of Fortune (not to mention the sound of the Yahtzee dice), I am ready to refuel with the free 10 HBO movie channels I'm currently receiving at my apartment. Oh, did I mention that I'm the 1st Annual G. Family Christmas Ping Pong Tournament Champion (played on the court of my sis-in-law's new pong table from Bran)? That's right, I beat the sis-in-law, the mother, the brother and the dad...all I can say is, I didn't go to college for nothing! I'll be ready for some games in another week or so, though. Scrabble anyone? Here are some depictions of my lovely time in Leb for a couple of weeks:
Mom and I snapping shots of our Christmas Eve attire.
Here we have Jug and Tristo playing an epic game of Jenga (a game during which I was merely a spectator). Apparently, they were breaking some Guinness Book record for highest Jenga tower....I think it feel on the 33rd or 34th level.
My 3 lovely aunts, mother, and the one who makes all the magic happen, Granny. I love this picture!
Dually dubbed the Best Action Shot and Game Face of 2009...that's my big brother there. :-)
Answer me this: If each time that you sang karaoke you were required to sing the same song, which one would it be?


D.W. said...

Q: If forced to pick one song to Karaoke to for the rest of my Karaoke life what song would it be?...

A: That’s easy, has to be "You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling" by Hall and Oates. If it’s good enough for Top Gun, it's good enough for me. Matter of fact, Maverick and Gooses may have been the first to Karaoke for all I know. haha

Dustan and Betsy said...

No Eli, no!

I hate that song.

Once me and Dust and Justin and Bekah Blankenship went to karaoke at Damon's. Dustan sang that song and NEVER FOUND THE NOTE. NONE OF THEM. It was sooo funny. Then Bekah stood up and did Proud Mary and it was really good.

My song would be something like I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight.
Or a Maroon Five crowd pleaser.

D.W. said...

Haha, Dustan and I could do a duet!!! It would be great!

Don’t worry Bets, I would put some serious money down that you will never hear me sing Karaoke. So you’re safe with my song selections. Hum… how about that song that goes “I just can’t fight this feeling any more….”, that one is pretty good ‘n’ lame. That might be my encore song.