Thursday, August 20, 2009

Stick to Your Guns

The other day at work, the senior partner asked me if I'd like to go on a field trip, to which I replied, Sure! He presumed to tell me that we needed to go to Richmond to do a title rundown on a piece of property and to register some guns with the U.S. Customs office. And also......that we needed desperately to go to Bass Pro Shop. He's going on a moose hunting trip to Newfoundland in October and needed supplies and permits for the journey. Also, one of the attorneys had a birthday. They have this tradition at the office where (if it's your birthday) you pick what cake you want and everyone gathers around the conference table, sings "Happy Birthday," and prepares to help you eat the delicious cake. You must cut everyone a piece of cake and pass each plate around, and every person at the table is required to touch the plate as it passes. So yesterday we ate coconut cake after lunch. And then the senior partner and I headed to Richmond. I'd say it's not a typical workday, but we had fun nonetheless. I bought some spinners for my brother in Bass Pro Shop and my boss was showing me all the shells that he uses for different hunting (turkeys, deer, etc), but I do have to say that I felt strange clicking around in there with high heels (both of us were in "career" attire). Alongside the raccoon and fox tracks inscribed onto the pollied concrete floor, I imagined what it would look like to have stiletto inscriptions on the floor...

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