Tuesday, November 6, 2012


A week before Sandy, my mom and I took New York by storm for our first ever girls' weekend trip. On one hand, it seems like we were there months ago; however, in light of the hurricane aftermath, the trip is still fresh. I am so thankful we had a safe trip to and from the city. We packed an epic lunch and hitched a ride on the Amtrak from Charlottesville up to Manhattan. It was Mom's first trip to New York, and she did not have a great first impression. To quote her: "This place is a nightmare!" In her defense, we had what some might call a treacherous walk from the train station to our hotel. There was a bucket of water, gunky sidewalk slush and a new pair of orange suede shoes involved. You do the math.

After a weekend of visiting the amazing Google office to see our friend M., seeing The Lion King on Broadway, walking around parks, museums, department stores, etc., and eating delicious food, Mom was on the I Heart NY train. If you're wondering, her shoes turned out to be just fine [insert sigh of relief here]. Below are some pictures of M. teaching Mom how to hail a cab on Fifth Avenue:

Wait for it...

Throw your arm up really fast!
And even then, sometimes they'll drive right by you...

Yay for mother-daughter weekend trips! When's the next one, Mom?

Oh, and if anyone's still reading this here blog, don't forget to go vote today. The fate of America is in your hands, reader(s).

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