Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Little Bit of Green

This past weekend, I went up to Georgetown with Niknak and other bridesmaids to pick out our bridesmaid dresses for her wedding next summer.  This is the inside of a mall we were in.  I love the sky lights, and of course, green is my favorite color.

Speaking of green, I never displayed my Hillsville flea market finds.  My Hillsville goal this year was to find a really cool cake plate/stand.  Little did I know that I would find the cake stand from the set of dishes I collect!  It took a bit of haggling to get this piece.  There was a pretty decent price on it, but as I waited until the end of the day to pounce upon the cake stand, I wanted a better deal (because a lot of the vendors were packing up, and that's how it's done, folks).  

Clearly, I need to work on my antique-haggling skills.  Basically, I low-balled the vendor who was selling the cake stand, and he got really mad at me for doing so, and thus, would not come down from his price.  After this happened, I had a flare up of obstinance and decided that I didn't want to give my business to someone like this vendor; after all, he could have just said no to my offer.  I was pretty bummed out because I wanted the cake stand.  Mom and Dad decided to check the booth out (on a mission to get my cake plate), and they came back with the thing about five minutes later, exclaiming the wonderful deal that they had received on it.  It was very sweet of them, and I am very happy to have it sitting in my kitchen!

When we walked into a section called the VFW (which has all the best antiques), I immediately spotted a set of six green glasses with white polka dots.  Four words:  love at first sight.  Then at another booth a few rows down the VFW, I randomly saw the matching pitcher to the set of glasses!  At the end of the day, I checked both booths to make sure all items had not been sold and then snatched up my treasures!


Anonymous said...

1. you are blogging like crazy this week! I LOVE IT.

2. i am so glad you came last weekend. i had a total blast.

3. hillsville finds = amazing. well done! the polka dotted set is just what i'd envisioned from your descriptions. :)

4. i may as well be a guest blogger on "r in the real world" based on the length of my comments. oopsies.


Justin said...

dear cousin,
it has been too long. i like your purchases. check me out at